Pressure Washing & Bottom Painting


Cove Boatyard is a full service boatyard for your vessel’s yearly marine maintenance. Our crew will take care of all the preventative maintenance required from pressure washing to bottom painting, zinc replacement and protecting your running gear with a zinc barrier coat. We offer haul outs on our 25 ton travel lift and 100 ton marine railways.

Our yard rates for pressure washing, bottom painting, zinc changes and running gear zinc barrier coat is $60/Hour.

Due to our COVID-19 operations protocols Cove Boatyard does not allow customers to work on their own vessels this is to ensure the safety of our crew and customers during COVID-19. Our office and yard are closed to the public and we ask that you call our office or email to schedule appointments. If you require more information please contact our office @ 250-883-3358.



Our boatyard complies with “Best Management Practices” for boatyards as published and enforced by Environment Canada. We utilize a full catchment system for all deleterious materials on both our marine railways and travel lift.

Boat not handling well? It’s time for your annual haul out!

Our crew is ready to help you get on the water without having to do the work yourself!

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